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  • Thoughts on how we communicate vehicle efficiency

    I’m often asked why MPG or MPGe is used when discussing the amount of energy used as fuel. Most recently I had a conversation with Craig Vetter about this and it seemed worth reproducing my thoughts here:

    I think the way we measure energy use for vehicles is flawed. Why do we use the unit of a gallon, a unit of volume, to represent energy or its efficient or inefficient use. When, for example, building a power plant it is not designed, described or defined by the amount of train cars of coal it consumes….you never hear of a 40 car coal plant being built or of a plant rated at 40 coal cars per day. We use a power rating, generally megawatts, for a commercial power plant. So we end up with power plants rated, for example, at five or fifty megawatts.

    So why do we use the equivalent …


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    08.11.14 – New Video: Translogic 156: Illuminati Motor Works Seven.

    08.11.14 – New Photos: IMW 7 in Atlanta, IL

    08.15.14 – 08.17.14 – Upcoming Event: IMW 7 will be at EVCCON

    06.26.14 – We’re now required reading. The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science has selected Jason Fagone’s book, Ingenious, to be this year’s Common Reading Experience title.


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